Existing Site Conditions

Railroad Canyon Road

The interchange at the I-15 and Railroad Canyon Road is experiencing operational problems caused by high peak periods of traffic volumes. The combination of the current tight diamond geometry and closely spaced ramp and city street intersections produce congestion during morning and evening commute times (AM/PM peak). Bottlenecks are generated by high demands from westbound Railroad Canyon Road to northbound I-15 (AM peak), southbound I-15 to eastbound Railroad Canyon Road (PM peak), and through traffic (AM/PM peak) along Railroad Canyon Road. Exhibit 1.1 refers to the vehicle backup on eastbound Railroad Canyon Road heading westbound (AM peak). The southbound I-15 to eastbound Railroad Canyon Road (PM peak) bottleneck is referenced in Exhibit 1.2 Vehicle hours of delay, average speeds, travel times, safety, and other traffic performance measures will continue to degenerate as growth increases in the surrounding areas if the situation is not properly mitigated. Therefore, it is imperative that the interchange be improved to meet and/or exceed the current and future needs of Caltrans, the City of Lake Elsinore and the local community.

I-15 / Railroad Canyon Road Interchange:

overview overview overview

Exhibit 1.1: Vehicles backed up on east Railroad
Canyon Road heading westbound (AM peak).

Exhibit 1.2: Vehicles backed up on the I-15
southbound off-ramp (PM peak).

Franklin Street

Franklin Street is currently an overpass at the I-15. It is a two-lane bridge with one lane in each direction of travel. Exhibits 1.3 and 1.4 represent different angles of the bridge. On the west end of the bridge there is a local street intersection with Auto Center Drive and on the east side there is an intersection (stop and yield control) to local communities. The I-15 currently exists as a six general-purpose lane freeway. It has a fifty-two foot median with plenty of space to widen for additional lanes. Due to future growth of the communities surrounding Franklin Street, the existing overcrossing will not accommodate for the projected traffic volumes. A new interchange will be needed to provide higher capacity for traffic movements, while also relieving congestion from the Railroad Canyon Road interchange.

I-15 / Franklin Street Overview:

overview overview overview

Exhibit 1.3: Northbound view of the existing
Franklin Street bridge over-crossing.

Exhibit 1.4: Westbound street view of the existing
Franklin Street bridge.