General Needs


Caltrans' mission and vision is to improve mobility across California. In order for Caltrans to meet their vision, it must focus on the improvement of public access to both the state and interstate highway systems. Congestion at Railroad Canyon Road is causing operational problems with I-15. Interchange ramp and city intersections are tightly spaced along Railroad Canyon Road producing long delays for vehicles entering/exiting the freeway. In addition, long delays on the off-ramps are queuing traffic onto the freeway slowing traffic along I-15. Caltrans' need is to reduce existing and future congestion at the Railroad Canyon Road so the interchange provides timely access to and from the interstate facility while not adversely affecting traffic flow along the I-15.

The City of Lake Elsinore

The City of Lake Elsinore's first need is to reduce the existing traffic congestion at I-15 and Railroad Canyon Road. Lake Elsinore was the third-fastest growing city in the State of California in 2013. If the increase in population continues as projected, Lake Elsinore will need to accommodate for the future growth of the city. The current general plan shows multiple designations of commercial, residential, industrial, recreation, and public institutional future land uses. It is crucial that the city provides a solution for future traffic demands of vehicles entering and exiting the freeway due to projected growth. The city also needs a transportation system that provides facilities for pedestrians, bicyclists, buses, trucks, and cars to safely and effectively move throughout the city.


The Community

The community in the City of Lake Elsinore experiences excessive traffic congestion during morning and evening peak hours at the I-15
/Railroad Canyon Road interchange. Commuters, businesses, and visitors of the City need reliable paths in and out of the area. Current conditions fail to efficiently support the traffic demand entering and exiting the I-15 as well as local streets. Implementing improvements in the interchange and the local intersections or providing another access point will greatly reduce congestion and benefit the community in countless ways specifically the City's unique recreational activities.

  • Lake Elsinore Storm Baseball
  • Summer Fireworks
  • Water Activities
  • Skydiving
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    The Future

    The City of Lake Elsinore is striving to grow into an urban point of interest in Southern California. The City expects rapid growth in the next 20 years with an increase in residents and commercial businesses. Recreational activities will grow and attract visitors from Southern California as well as all over the country. There is a need to improve the infrastructure of travel ways to accommodate this increase in traffic demand on the City while still providing safe routes for pedestrians and bicyclists.